Explore The Ordinary

Thailand! Australia! New Zealand! South America!
It’s almost impossible to read or watch a travel blogger without thinking about these huge big name trips that everyone seems to have done. For anyone planning their first major trip somewhere, perhaps alone for the first time, these type of destinations can seem almost like a right of passage for becoming an Instagram worthy ‘explorer’.

I myself am definitely guilty of the cliche gap year trips to South East Asia and I would 100% recommend these type of journeys to anybody because they are life changing.
You will meet incredible people and you will see some of the most stunning and awe inspiring places in the world. However… They will cost money, quite a lot of it and they will take some planning to make the most of your time there. Today I want you to know that these types of trips are not the only option. They do not make you a ‘Proper Traveller’ and sometimes we overlook the beauty that is right in front of us.

Your home town or city can be incredible. I know sometimes its hard to believe or easy to forget and that’s why I often need to remind myself to take it all in. Look at the architecture of the houses and the green grass and the trees, go to the pretty coffee shops and try to imagine yourself as a tourist in your city. You will be amazed at the little things you become numb to that you suddenly see as quirky or weird. Embrace you’re own culture and where you are right now.


In my home town a £2.50 bus journey can take me to the town centre where there is huge green parks and lakes with a canal, restaurants and some amazing cocktail bars. My friends and the people that live here seem to always overlook it because its always there and they’ve done it a million times before. I have recently really been making an effort to imagine these things as the first time and take real pleasure in my everyday.

I want to explore the ordinary.

It will never be as shaping or memorable as a road trip across Australia but it can be a great way to cure itchy feet. We should all try to appreciate what we have around us a little more. For example, all the images used in this blog post I took on my walk to work. They are beautiful but its so easy to just plug in my earphones and not stop to look around me when its something I do everyday.



Another great ways to explore locally is to find a hostel in your town or city or perhaps even an Air B’n’B geared at tourists rather than businessmen. you could meet up and offer tours for people where you can just spend the day with them showing them the best restaurants and parks. This way you’re bound to make some new friends and one day they could even be doing the same for you if you visit their city.

It really is a pain when you’re saving up for a big trip, crossing off the days on your calendar and watching endless videos about your destination. Looking at your home town through the eyes of a tourist can make those itchy feet and that wanderlust ease off just a little and for me, its also made me much happier with the more mundane things in life.


This blog post was inspired by watching a recent Vagabrothers video where they explored some places around Britain. Seeing visitors enjoy a traditional pub and the country lanes really gave me a new perspective on my own country and how what is ordinary for me can be considered extraordinary.

I’d love to hear what you find amazing in your ordinary. Comment on this post or visit me on Instagram. I would appreciate this post being shared if you enjoyed it, that would honestly mean the world to me and help my blog to grow.

Happy Travels.


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