Thailand! My Top 5 Things To Do.

I spent the last month in the south east Asian back packers dream that is Thailand. I stayed in the cheapest places I could and got the cheapest flights I could find. Like any trip it was really eye opening and I was fortunate enough to see and do some incredible things. While it is fresh in my head I want to show you my best bits.

It wasn’t all glamorous, there was cockroaches in rooms and endless con artists. I even got my wallet stolen. Eventually I will get round to a more rounded post about some of the things you should look out for but this is all about the amazing things I got to do last month.  I have tried to include some things I really liked but haven’t seen as many other people mention in their blogs.

1. Khao San Road 


The beating heart of backpackers Bangkok. Khao San Road is filled with cheap eats, cheap drinks, massages and is a hot pot of people from all over the world. It’s a great place to meet some people to explore the rest of Bangkok with. I stayed in a hotel called Villa Cha Cha which is one of the more expensive options but quite nice. I was in a twin room so only had to pay my half and I also got an extra night for free meaning In the end I got to stay in a hotel for the price of a hostel dorm which is always great. Be sure to grab yourself some Pad Thai from a street vendor and then go sit in a third floor bar with an ice cold Chang to take in the sights. It will also probably be the cheapest place to get a Thai massage.

2. Sleeper Train to Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai is without doubt my favourite place I visited in Thailand. If you go there be sure to get the overnight train from Bangkok. It’s cheaper than a plane and gives you the chance to talk to locals and other tourists while travelling, because its overnight you also have the benefit of not losing any precious day time that you could fill with more activities. Waking up early and catching the sunrise over jungle mountains is a priceless memory. Please do yourself a favour and do not eat the food on the train, bring your


3. Elephant Sanctuary


Once in Chiang Mai you will be flooded with options about elephant trek companies, including some from your hostel. I encourage you with all my heart to choose the elephant park with the highest animal welfare standards. It is called ‘Elephant Nature Park’ the day out allows you to feed and touch the elephants as well as interact with all kinds of other animals on their land. It is amazing, probably the most enjoyable thing I have done all year. There is no riding the elephants and they are not disciplined with blades. The animals are very well treated. The vegetarian buffet lunch i also some of the best food I ate while in Thailand.


4. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep


Temples and palaces are a plenty in Thailand but for me, this one trumped them all. An easy day trip when staying in Chiang Mai, a taxi will take you to this temple in the mountains for an affordable price. The sights looking down on Chiang Mai and the surrounding jungle is picturesque and the temple itself is luxurious enough to rival even the grand palace in Bangkok. Do not miss this if you are in Chiang Mai. One thing I will say however is…good luck with the staircase!

5. Hit The Beach


This point is probably pretty obvious but there is nothing better than finding a nice little hostel on an island and really just relaxing and taking it all in. grab yourself an island hopping tour off Phuket and be amazed by what you see, go Scuba diving in Ko Tao, Party in Patong or just lay back and relax on a sun lounger. Thailand brings in a lot of backpackers, these will be like minded people just like you, so grab a beer and a few new friends and watch the sunset.


There is so much I have missed, this is really just a starting point, There is so much you can do, including loads that I didn’t get the chance to, I can’t wait to go back and Thailand should definitely be on your list of things to do. Comment down below your favourite bits if you have been or let me know what you want to do if you are planning a trip to Thailand.

Please share if you found it useful.

Happy Travels.


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