Top Tips For Cheap Flight

How do I get cheap flights? This is a question people I know have asked me endless times, If cheap transport was a sport, I would be an Olympian. Today I want to share with you my top tips for securing the best deals on flights around the world or closer to home.


  1. Tip number one is to not be picky. This is without doubt the best way to get cheap flights. Stop caring about your destination. Head on over to Skyscanner and set your destination to ‘Everywhere’ I recently did this and managed to find return flight to Bremen in Germany for only £30.00. That’s less than it costs me to get the 40 minute train into London.

  2. Tip two is to look for other options, especially if you are in Europe. I know this is sort of a cheat on a post about flights but sometimes a train can be quicker, easier and much more scenic. If you are travelling around Europe I would definitely recommend looking into rail travel instead of air. Often a city’s airport is far outside the town centre and a taxi to your accommodation can cost a small fortune.
  3. Tip number three is to break up your flight. If you have a stop over in a country, sometimes it can be cheaper for you to book two separate tickets than all at once. However I would only recommend this if travelling with hand luggage and doing online check ins as the extra hassle of collecting and checking in luggage can add a lot of stress to what could be a fun layover.

  4. Tip number four is to collect air-miles. The idea of credit cards can seem daunting, especially to young travellers but it can often really pay off to collect air-miles for an airline you use a lot. For me this is British airways, star alliance is another good option. These can shave precious dollars off of your tickets or could be used as an upgrade to business class if that’s your sort of thing.
  5. Tip number five is to really be sure that the cheap price is worth it. Some budget airlines are not too bad and I used to swear by them however after recently flying Air China to Thailand I have changed my mind. The food was awful, the comfort was non existent and the entertainment made the Thai soap Operas I was heading into look Oscar Worthy. For the extra £50-£60 pounds I would have paid on a nicer airline, these problems would not have bugged me for the entire 15 hours.

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