I’m Owen and I really love to travel.

Everything from a walk round a local lake to an Orang-utan sanctuary in Borneo
I’m ne
ver happier than when I am outdoors in a beautiful place and meeting people from all over the world. 
This Blog exists quite simply so that I can write about my experiences and note down any tips or advice for someone else who might be planning a trip. I am by no means an expert and definitely make some mistakes myself but that is part of the joy of getting out there and taking in the world.

It can be really quite scary being in a new place or perhaps in an environment you hadn’t expected or planned for so maybe some of my weird tales and bizarre anecdotes could come in handy for you some time. I know they would have for me!

My background is not one you would expect of a travel blogger because, well, for most of my early life I really didn’t travel very much at all. I live in the country that I and my parents are from, I don’t speak any other languages and growing up in a large family we really never took extravagant or long trips abroad because it just wasn’t financially viable.

When I turned 16 there was an assembly in my sixth form about an organisation called World Challenge. The Organisation was putting on a month long expedition to Malaysian Borneo to do everything from trekking and sleeping in the jungle to helping local communities and we would even get to visit an Orang-Utan sanctuary. The cost of the guided expedition was £4000.

That was a lot of money for me and something I thought I would never be able to afford. after some persuading from a few of my friends I put my name down for the trip. I got myself a part time job around my studies and it took two years to save up and on top of that I then had to purchase equipment. It was a lot of hard work but I am so thankful for what I did because that trip really changed me more than I could ever have imagined.

By the time I got back I had full blown wanderlust and the confidence to start planning another trip, this time to Thailand. I had gone from somebody who had never really done more than a family holiday to having this uncontrollable itch to pack a bag and leave my home town.

The world Is massive and I want to see it all.

I’d love to show you as well.

Owen. X